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We would like to keep you updated with developments of the SGN Natural Gas network including when natural gas is nearing your property. If you would like to be contacted using the information you have previously provided please tick the box above to provide your consent. Please find our GDPR policy here.

Customer service

SGN Natural Gas

Blackwater House
14 Silverwood Industrial Estate
BT66 6LN

Phone: 0800 975 7774

Mon-Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat: 8am to 4pm

Smell gas?

Northern Ireland Gas
Emergency Service

Phone: 0800 002 001

24hr / 7days

Dig safely

SGN Natural Gas

Plant Protection Team
95 Kilbirnie Street
G5 8JD

Phone: 0800 912 1722

Mon-Fri: 8am to 4pm