• ‘No more oil deliveries through the house’

    04 Sep, 2020

    Life has got somewhat easier for a retired Magherafelt couple with mobility issues since having their home connected to natural gas.

    Grace and Kevin Chong previously relied on oil company deliveries for their domestic fuel supply. Having just one access to their property at Mullaghboy Lane, meant bringing the hose through the house every time the oil tank needed filled.

    They had two oil tanks, however these are now gone as natural gas is an underground piped supply – that never runs out!

    Mrs Chong said she and her husband were delighted to see both oil tanks removed from the rear of the home where they have lived for over 30 years.

    She explained: “After getting an extension to our home a number of years ago we have only one access into the house that meant bringing the oil hosepipe through from the front door out to the back; I just could not cope with that any longer.”

    After seeing a TV advert and other advertisements about the availability of natural gas, Grace went along to an SGN Natural Gas roadshow event at InVolve House in Magherafelt to find out more information. She was delighted to learn that Mullaghboy Lane was connectable and had natural gas installed just before the COVID-19 lockdown.

    The couple, who are both disabled, could otherwise have found themselves without heating as oil deliveries would not have been possible through the house during the lockdown restrictions. Converting to natural gas at just the right time, given their unique set of circumstances, was a “good investment”, she said.

    Grace was very complimentary about the connection process and how efficiently the installation was completed. She said: “Converting to natural gas has been fantastic. They really did a good job and were in and out like they said they would be in two days. We now have instant heat and hot water when we need it and the shower is brilliant, it is like a power shower.”

    The Chongs opted for the pre-pay method to top up their natural gas supply. Payment by monthly Direct Debit is also available if preferred.