• Why natural gas?

    We want to help consumers plan for a new energy future.

    Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly of the commonly used heating fuels, it can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50% as well as improve the energy efficiency of your home.

    Natural gas is the pathway to an affordable, gradually decarbonised future as we all move towards a target net zero carbon environment by 2050.

    Now is the time to choose a more carbon friendly alternative to your current home heating fuel.

    Natural gas is hassle free

    No more worrying about running out, or forgetting to reorder fuel and being left in the cold. Natural gas provides security as there is a continuous supply to your home.

    Improve your efficiency with natural gas

    An old oil boiler may only have an efficiency of around 60%, depending on how well it has been serviced. A new ‘A’ rated condensing natural gas boiler has an efficiency of over 90%, meaning less of your money is disappearing up the flue. This combined with highly efficient energy controls means you can save even more as well as reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50%.

    Natural gas is easier on the environment

    We all have a duty to reduce our daily carbon footprint, and switching to natural gas versus other fuels such as oil and coal, will significantly reduce your carbon emissions.