• ‘We had our natural gas installed in just one day’

    15 Oct, 2020

    An Omagh family are loving the endless supply of hot water available after switching their home from oil to natural gas – and there has been another added perk! 

    The Corrigan household was one of the first SGN Natural Gas domestic connections in the Co. Tyrone town and losing the oil tank at the back of the house means more space for outdoor use too. 

    Dad Paul was able to move his shed to a better spot while the family changed the layout of the garden at their two-storey home in Dunbreen Close, Strathroy. 

    Paul, who works for the Education Authority, began making enquiries about the arrival of natural gas in Omagh after seeing a TV advert for the new SGN Natural Gas network in the western area. 

    “I had seen the new pipeline coming towards Omagh and running close to our park, so I began enquiring about it to see if natural gas was available to us,” he explained.

    Paul Corrigan, daughter Kaylah and family dog Dexter pictured at their home in Omagh.

    Paul also attended an SGN Natural Gas roadshow held at Omagh Enterprise Centre, one of the busiest venues for our connection information events earlier in the year. A quick home survey determined the best location for the gas meter which took place prior to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

    The Corrigan family then chose a local natural gas engineer from the Gas Safe Register to carry out the installation work which was successfully completed in just one day. One of the most popular benefits of switching from oil or solid fuel to natural gas is having instant hot water which this Omagh household has welcomed with open arms. 

    “When my wife came in, she would always say ‘Go on and put on the hot water for me’ but now I don’t have to do that,” said Paul who has enjoyed making better use of the outside areas where the bulky oil tank and oil burner used to sit. He has moved his garden shed to free up another space and there’s even room for a new outdoor seating area near the back door. 

    The Corrigans, who love the convenience and reliability of their new natural gas supply, opted for the pre-pay method which is aimed at enabling domestic consumers to budget easier with top-ups available from £5 upwards. Direct Debit monthly payment option is also available. 

    Paul added: “We would definitely recommend natural gas and some of the neighbours are also talking about switching if the option is available.” 

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