• SGN Natural Gas welcomes the return of Energy Saving Week

    22 Nov, 2021

    SGN Natural Gas is delighted to once again support Energy Saving Week (ESW) which begins on 22nd November this year. 

    The week of activity is aimed at helping raise awareness on tips to improve the energy efficiency of homes as well as helping energy users to reduce their carbon footprint. 

    David Butler, Director at SGN Natural Gas outlined his intentions for the important week of activity “As our new network continues to grow, initiatives such as ESW are crucial to helping our customers understand small steps they can make that have a huge difference on energy usage in the home. Simple things like changing bulbs to LEDs and turning the temperature down on your washing machine by a few degrees make a phenomenal difference.” 

    Angela Gracey-Roger, Programme Manager, Northern Ireland said: 

    “This year has been a crucial one for climate change, with the impact of more extreme weather events felt across the world including in the UK. It’s therefore vital that we all do what we can to help reduce our carbon emissions. However, this does not need to be drastic lifestyle changes. Energy Saving Week is helping the people of Northern Ireland to know how they can reduce their emissions through small and often simple actions that have a big impact on the environment.” 

    This year, Energy Saving Trust is providing a range of resources, challenges, and toolkits to help. Householders are encouraged to take a specially designed quiz which tests their energy saving knowledge, where they will also be able to pick up some useful energy saving tips along the way. They will also have the chance to enter a prize draw for the chance to win a £100 retail voucher, with 2nd and 3rd place receiving a £50 retail voucher. 

    Primary schools across Northern Ireland are taking part in an energy saving challenge which will task pupils and families to make some simple changes to help save energy at home, such as reducing water use and turning TVs and games consoles off standby. The schools will then collate the completed tasks from each child and will receive a certificate from Energy Saving Trust to show how much carbon the school has saved overall. Participating schools will also have the chance to win prizes. 

    For more information on Energy Saving Week please visit: energysavingtrust.org.uk/energysavingweekni