• SGN Natural Gas to help light up Strabane’s Diwali Festival

    14 Aug, 2019

    SGN Natural Gas has pledged its support for a multi-cultural community festival which is staged annually in Strabane. 

    The company which is bringing natural gas to thousands of homes and businesses in the western area of Northern Ireland for the first time, is supporting Strabane Ethnic Community Association (SECA) and its 14th annual Diwali Festival which takes place in October. 

    Diwali is a traditional five-day festival of lights which originated in India and is held across the world by millions of people each autumn. It celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. 

    Darren Young, Head of Business Development with SGN Natural Gas, said they were delighted to provide some assistance for SECA and the Diwali event which has grown in popularity over the years in Strabane, attracting participants from a wide catchment area. 

    He said: “The Diwali Festival in Strabane is a hugely popular community event which promotes inclusion and diversity. We congratulate SECA on the positive work the Association are doing in the North West to embrace many different cultures and celebrate their cultural traditions with the wider local community.” 

    Kamini Rao, SECA Co-ordinator, thanked SGN Natural Gas for its valuable support for both the Association and the Diwali Festival which includes school workshops culminating in a vibrant celebration of ethnic music, dance, fashion and food held in St. Patrick’s Hall. 

    Strabane was the first of the eight key towns in the western area connected to the SGN Natural Gas network with the other seven towns scheduled to follow suit in the coming months.