• SGN Natural Gas plays no role in fracking within network area

    10 May, 2019

    SGN Natural Gas, the company responsible for the development of the new natural gas mains network in Counties Fermanagh, Tyrone and Derry has distanced itself from current news updates on fracking consultations scheduled to take place in the Fermanagh area. 

    A spokesperson for SGN Natural Gas explained it plays no role in fracking within its network area: “We are a gas distribution company, not a gas production company.” 

    The spokesperson continued: “The role of SGN Natural Gas is to bring natural gas to homes and businesses in the western area of Northern Ireland. Our key aims are to effectively tackle fuel poverty in our network area, significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and to enable businesses to drive efficiency savings, thus making them more competitive in global markets.” “There is no alignment between the current fracking project and our own project. We are delighted to say that we have been warmly welcomed by the local communities within the SGN Natural Gas network area and look forward to further enhancing our relationship during our project lifetime.”

    “Our engagement with our stakeholders has been fully transparent from the outset. We have held over 30 information sessions to date, directly engaging with members of the public, the business community, statutory partners and elected representatives.”

    The SGN Natural Gas spokesperson concluded: “We very much look forward to the coming months which will see our network area become live, with some large industrial connections taking place, followed by connections in the local domestic market.”