• Pipe dream becomes a reality in switch from LPG

    16 Dec, 2020

    The convenience of mains natural gas is no longer a pipe dream for the residents of an exclusive apartment complex in Enniskillen, thanks to SGN Natural Gas.

    All 12 apartment owners at Hunters Moon on the Irvinestown Road, signed up to convert their homes from LPG to natural gas which was fully installed recently. Simon Dickie, Chair of Hunters Moon Residents Group, said they were delighted to have it all completed following the major lockdown arising from the global pandemic earlier in the year.

    Simon said: “The residents were very enthusiastic about changing from bottled gas to a piped supply. They could see the benefits, fundamentally the unit price for natural gas is significantly less than for bottled gas, but it also gave many residents the opportunity to upgrade their boilers for the first time in 15 years due to financial support from SGN Natural Gas.”

    “Everything went very smoothly – apart from the obvious factor of having the lockdown in the middle of the plans but that was totally unavoidable.” Simon said the residents were very pleased with the way SGN Natural Gas led the conversion process until its ultimate completion.

    He explained: “Each of the 12 shareholders liaised individually with the installers. The team from SGN Natural Gas agreed the contracts with each of us and when they had all signed up, work got started. It was all done very efficiently with little or no fuss involved.”

    Simon Dickie, (second right) Chair of Hunters Moon Residents Group, Enniskillen and some of the other residents who have all recently switched to natural gas.

    “SGN Natural Gas completed the connection to the gas mains and installed the gas meters. The gas fitters have come in and connected gas fires or cookers as required by the individual properties. From a personal point of view, although I’m from Enniskillen, I lived in England for 25 years so I was used to having piped gas, it’s really easy and relatively inexpensive.” Summing up the positive customer experience at Hunters Moon, Simon said everything was “clean, tidy, safe and friendly”.

    Households in Hunters Moon - which has beautiful views of Enniskillen’s Racecourse Lough - range from young families to older residents. Availing of mains natural gas for their home heating and cooking has certainly been a popular collective choice. 

    Simon Dickie enjoying the enhanced comfort of mains natural gas central heating in his apartment.

    John Grant, SGN Natural Gas Residential New Build Representative, who coordinated the scheme, ensured that the conversion process was hassle-free for all involved. He said: “It was a pleasure to work on the Hunters Moon conversion from LPG to mains natural gas. I am delighted that the residents are now experiencing the many benefits available since we were able to complete their installations.”

    You can find out if natural gas is available to your home here