• Natural gas is ‘super’ – Enniskillen homeowners

    28 Aug, 2020

    A chance glance at an ad in the local newspaper earlier this year led to Enniskillen homeowner Gerard Burns, making a decision he definitely doesn’t regret – switching to natural gas!

    Gerard explained: “I had never thought about getting natural gas but then I saw in the paper that there was an information session in Fermanagh House, so I decided to go to it. I spoke first to the plumber, Vinny, and was very impressed. I then chatted to one of the representatives from SGN Natural Gas and said I was interested and that got the ball rolling.”

    SGN Natural Gas subsequently fitted a meter at the property in Lackaboy View in the Chanterhill area, making a great impression with the standard of their work.

    Gerard said: “The team who came out and did the work were absolutely brilliant, you couldn’t ask for better. I worked outside myself for 40 years so I’ve seen all sorts but these boys were great.”

    COVID-19 restrictions meant Gerard and his wife Deirdre had to wait a bit longer than usual before the conversion from oil to natural gas at their home was completed. However, they feel it was well worth the wait for the benefits they are now enjoying with their much more energy efficient domestic fuel supply.

    Gerard Burns and grandson Joel enjoying a cuppa brewed on their gas cooker.

    “The gas is just brilliant, I’m definitely glad we made the switch. We always had a gas cooker, so we got them to connect that and it’s far faster than the bottled gas. We’re keen cooks but we’ve had to get used to it, there were one or two things that got overdone in the first day or two!” joked Gerard.

    Now they’re in the swing of it and really cooking on gas, the family are also enjoying the many other benefits of having natural gas for all their domestic energy needs.

    Gerard said: “We got a new shower in and the instant hot water is super. It’s great for the washing up too, you don’t have to wait for the water to heat or turn on the immersion heater.”

    Gerard Burns shows the new natural gas boiler installed at his home in Enniskillen.

    “The advantages of natural gas are brilliant. People in the street have been asking us about it and, so far, we have to say it’s great. They removed the oil tank outside, the boiler from under the stairs and the water tank from the attic so we’re very happy - not just with the gas, but with the extra space.”

    Commenting on the installation process itself, Gerard added: “You wouldn’t know that they had been working in the house. The installers had said there might be some damage to the wallpaper when they were taking out the fireplace and putting it back in, but there’s no damage at all. Everyone involved had a great work ethic. I would recommend natural gas to anyone.”

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