• Linergy converts to natural gas in Dungannon

    16 Oct, 2019

    Innovative renewable energy company Linergy has announced that its organic waste processing plant in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, is now powered by natural gas. The company says that the switch to natural gas will help ensure it is a more sustainable business for the future. 

    A number of key industrial customers being connected will be closely followed by connections in the domestic market, marking the culmination of one of the most significant energy infrastructure projects in the west for a generation.

    Established in 2005, Linergy is based at the Granville Industrial Estate. In partnership with three major agri-businesses, the company aims to meet the challenge of dealing with organic waste in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

    Linergy and its food processing partners Linden Foods, Dunbia and Fane Valley, employ almost 3,000 staff locally, serving most of the main UK retail multiples and several blue chip European customers.

    Pictured at Linergy which is now powered by natural gas in Dungannon, are front, from left: Tanya Hedley, Director of Networks, Utility Regulator; Sean McShane, Managing Director, Linergy; Danny O’Malley, Director, SGN Natural Gas; and Paddy Larkin, Chief Executive, Mutual Energy. Back, from left: Ciaran McShane, Group Operations, Technical & Environmental Manager, Linergy; Colin Bell, Group Maintenance Manager, Linergy; Michael Fegan, Production Manager, Linergy; Darren Young, Head of Business Development, SGN Natural Gas; and Aaron Currie; Group HR & H&S, Linergy.

    Sean McShane, Managing Director, Linergy, said: “We supply renewable feedstocks and it made sense for us to access natural gas when it became available in Dungannon because it is the cleanest fuel available to us. Using natural gas to operate our facility will enable us to become more energy efficient, significantly reduce our carbon footprint and become more competitive and sustainable as a business.”

    Danny O’Malley, Director of SGN Natural Gas, said: “Linergy offer an excellent service in the field of renewable energy. The fact that such an innovative company have converted their energy supply, clearly illustrates that natural gas is the best option available for business sustainability. By enabling businesses to drive efficiency savings, we can potentially help them to be more competitive in local and global markets.”

    “Linergy had expressed interest and support for this project from the outset and we are delighted that their plans to switch to natural gas in Dungannon have now come to fruition. This company has joined a growing number of large manufacturers and commercial users who we are pleased to say have either connected, or are in the process of connecting to the SGN Natural Gas network in the western area of Northern Ireland.” 

    In January 2013 the Northern Ireland Executive agreed to provide grant funding of up to £32.5 million to assist extension of the Northern Ireland natural gas network in the west. This is being administered by the Department for the Economy.

    Paddy Larkin, Chief Executive of Mutual Energy which will operate the new high-pressure pipeline into the west said: “This ongoing major energy infrastructure project representing an investment of more than £250 million is already making a real difference to the local economy. The expansion of the natural gas network is great news for consumers in the western region who will benefit from an alternative energy choice for their homes and businesses.”

    Welcoming the announcement by Linergy, Mr. Larkin added: “Achieving efficiencies is critical in any business to help maintain a competitive edge, and switching to natural gas can help achieve this whilst also minimising any environmental impact.” 

    Tanya Hedley, Director of Networks at the Utility Regulator said: “Our focus is to promote the development of the natural gas industry while protecting the interests of consumers. Over the past 10 years, we have approved three-quarters of a billion pounds of investment in Northern Ireland’s gas industry. The Utility Regulator welcomes the significant progress achieved in extending the gas network to the west. This latest connection by Linergy is a further vote of confidence in the natural gas industry. More consumers than ever can now choose natural gas, which provides an affordable, cleaner and convenient form of energy.”