• International Women in Engineering Day: 23 June 2020

    23 Jun, 2020

    International Women in Engineering Day is an annual celebration and awareness campaign for women working in engineering and the exciting careers available in the industry.
    We are working to raise the profile of women and focus attention on how to successfully enter and succeed in the engineering sector.

    We asked five members of the SGN Natural Gas team: "What's the one piece of advice you would pass on to a woman who is either starting or changing her career to the engineering sector?"
    Mary O’Kane, Head of Regulation
    Having studied Marketing at university, a career in utility regulation wasn’t the expected path. I built up my knowledge through experience and by saying yes to new opportunities presented to me…even if they scared me a little. The best advice I can give to a woman starting a career in engineering is to ask lots of questions along the way. It will help you learn new things and to achieve your goals.  When you have achieved those goals don’t be afraid to use your voice to let others know all about it.

    Mary O’Kane, Head of Regulation.
    Samantha Trimble, Domestic Sales Representative
    I joined SGN Natural Gas in 2018 as a Sales Administrator, with no background in engineering. Admin provided me with the stepping stone into the natural gas industry in Northern Ireland. I was recently promoted to the role of Domestic Sales Rep, guiding customers through their natural gas connection. I work closely with our engineers, third party contractors and plumbers which requires me to be knowledgeable of health and safety, site processes and regulations.

    Samantha Trimble, Domestic Sales Representative.

    Hayley Boyle, Team Manager
    Following my degree in Information Management, I ended up in the engineering department through the experience route. I would strongly encourage young women to consider a career in engineering, there are so many opportunities. Believe in yourself and your abilities, get out there to see new things and learn how they work. When you have the knowledge base the confidence will come naturally.

    Hayley Boyle, Team Manager.

    Lyndsey McClune, Records Control Assistant
    Be open to opportunities and make as many industry connections as you can - you may want advice down the line. 
    Women are still outnumbered in this industry, but I love the challenge. No day is the same, it is a constant learning curve. I think it is important to show that women can be successful in a male dominated work field.

    Lyndsey McClune, Records Control Assistant.

    Daniella Sloan, Domestic Sales Representative
    As a sales rep coming into the gas industry, I was required to know specific regulations to be able to explain our product to the customer as well as being able to safely site services and meters at a customer’s property. The role has challenged me to gain new skills and experience with no day being the same.

    Daniella Sloan, Domestic Sales Representative.