• Home sweet home for local carer Barbara

    12 Aug, 2020

    Coming home after a busy shift as a care worker, Barbara Finlay loves the convenience and reliability natural gas provides the minute she steps through the front door. 

    Barbara was one of the first local residents in Dungannon to switch to natural gas and she is now enjoying the benefits of instant heat and constant hot water whenever she needs it.  

    In fact, three members of her immediate family all had natural gas installed in their homes. Barbara’s brother and sister also availed of the opportunity to convert from oil to natural gas as the new fuel of choice in the SGN Natural Gas network area. 

    Barbara, who lives at Belvedere Park, explained: "My heating system wasn't that great with the oil and then my boiler broke. I had seen the men working on the new gas pipeline and then saw an ad for SGN Natural Gas, so my brother gave them a call and one of the sales representatives came out.” 

    "I always knew gas was good because my nephew and others in England have it, so it just seemed like a good time to switch. The whole process of finding out about it and getting it installed was all very straightforward, there were no problems and everybody was very good.” 

    "With oil, I never had much warm water but now I have plenty, and the water pressure has improved too. The radiators are warmer too since they flushed them out. As well as that, the natural gas is more environmentally friendly and it's cleaner." 

    There has been another unexpected advantage of switching to natural gas too. 

    Barbara explained: "I've five dogs - one miniature poodle and four Shih Tzus - and when I let them into the garden at night, I wasn't able to see them past the oil tank. However now it's gone, the light reaches further so I can see where they are. I'm going to put a shed there now instead, which will be great." 

    She added: "I would recommend SGN Natural Gas to others, overall it's been a very positive experience." 

    You can find out if natural gas is now available to your property or scheduled to arrive soon via the handy postcode checker on our website. If you would like to discuss the process further with our connection team including great incentives currently available to help with the installation process, you can book a 1-1 virtual appointment here.