• Glass manufacturer now powered by natural gas

    28 Aug, 2020

    Northern Ireland’s leading glass manufacturer is now powered by natural gas. As part of a £40 million investment programme taking place over the next three years, Encirc has converted its production facilities in Co Fermanagh to natural gas, a move which will help ensure it is a more sustainable manufacturer for the future. 

    Encirc, which manufactures containers for some of the world's most recognised brands, is a key industrial connection to the new SGN Natural Gas network in the western area. The purpose-built Derrylin plant which opened in 1998, was the first new-build glass manufacturer in the UK and Ireland in over 30 years.

    Encirc is part of the Vidrala group and currently employs more than 1,500 people across three European sites in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh; Elton, Cheshire; and Corsico, Italy. 

    Adrian Curry, Encirc’s Managing Director, said: “As a manufacturer we play a critical role in creating a more sustainable future for our planet. This holds true from minimising the environmental impact of our manufacturing, right through to supporting the local communities in which we operate and our employees’ lives.”

    “Having access to mains natural gas in Derrylin is enabling Encirc to further reduce its carbon footprint and we see this as a very progressive development for our business. It was quite exciting to see the state-of-the-art equipment arriving for installation on site last year.” 

    “Switching from heavy fuel oil is integral to Encirc’s strategy to boost efficiency and minimise energy consumption across our facilities. These initiatives will further reduce our own environmental impact and support our customers in also shrinking their carbon footprint.”

    State-of-the-art equipment installed as part of the natural gas conversion at Encirc.

    Danny O’Malley, Director of SGN Natural Gas, welcomed Encirc’s conversion to natural gas in Derrylin as a vote of confidence in the new network which has now been extended to key towns in Counties Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry~Londonderry.

    Mr O’Malley said: “Encirc was one of the first major industrial facilities identified by the Gas to the West project to help ensure it is a more sustainable manufacturer for the future. The Derrylin plant was successfully converted to natural gas within weeks of the new infrastructure becoming live, wholly supporting this local company’s innovative and progressive approach to minimising its environmental impact.”  

    “A growing portfolio of large manufacturers, food processing companies and commercial users are now operating with natural gas while others are proceeding to connection. We are also looking forward to converting many more homes to natural gas in our network area as soon as possible.”

    “This ongoing major energy infrastructure project representing an investment of more than £250 million is also making a real difference to the local economy. The expansion of the natural gas network is great news for consumers in the western region who will benefit from an alternative energy choice for their homes and businesses.”

    The furnace area at Encirc.