• Dinosaur surprises our contractors in Cookstown

    17 May, 2021

    A team of SGN Natural Gas contractors in Mid Ulster got the surprise of their lives when a dinosaur showed up unexpectedly on the street where they were working.
    Luckily for the Kier team who were busy installing a gas pipeline in the Millburn Park area of Cookstown, it was a totally friendly encounter with a young T-Rex aka Harvey who lives nearby.
    Mum Adele Taylor explained that the 10-year-old had just donned his cool new dinosaur costume when he spotted the contractors busy at work across the road from his home.
    Harvey’s timing also coincided with the run-up to World Autism Awareness Day held last month in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them. 
    Adele said: “Harvey had a love of animals and dinosaurs when he was younger, which he has rekindled recently. He has been struggling a bit lately so I bought him the dinosaur suit in the hope that it might cheer him up.” 
    Harvey’s mum says it is really important to boost positive awareness of autism. Autism-friendly events and educational activities took place all month, aiming to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, foster worldwide support and inspire a kinder, more inclusive world.
    Adele explained: “I see it as Harvey’s superpower. His mind is absolutely amazing, he’s got such an imagination. He’s just full of life, and if running around the street as a dinosaur works for him, it works for me too.”
    “Harvey saw the workers and started dancing for them and making them laugh. He was waving away, and the guys were more than happy to watch his theatrics and wave back. It’s not every day you go to work and get to see a dinosaur!”

    Millburn Park turns into Jurassic Park! Harvey (aged 10) AKA T-Rex, meeting the Kier team, from left: Krystian, James (Team Leader) and Damian.

    Adele captured Harvey’s energetic initiative on video and sent it to SGN Natural Gas who were only too happy to give him the recognition he deserves. 
    Darren Young, Head of Business Development at SGN Natural Gas, said they were delighted that Adele had got in touch to share such positive local community engagement in the network area. 
    “We would like to thank Harvey and his mum for putting a huge smile on everyone’s faces, starting with our contractors hard at work bringing natural gas to Cookstown and all the other key towns in the west of Northern Ireland. We look forward to strengthening our bonds in these vibrant and welcoming towns in the future.”
    Adele added: “With the work going on I've been really thinking about the advantages of natural gas. It’s definitely something I’m looking into for the future.”