• ‘All set for the winter’ – Dungannon householders

    08 Oct, 2021

    Pat and Roisin McRory from Dungannon are really looking forward to the convenience of natural gas home heating after planning well ahead for the colder winter months.
    The McRorys switched from oil in May this year, after attending an information session held in the town for customers to find out all about the benefits of converting to natural gas.
    The couple are delighted to have the new hassle-free mains gas up and running at their home in Hollyfields on the old Eglish Road, before temperatures begin to drop outside.
    Pat explained: “We’re delighted to have the gas installed and ready to go before winter comes. The heat coming from the radiators is great although we haven’t had the opportunity to properly test it out in the cold weather, but we certainly will do in the next few weeks and months.”
    The most satisfying thing the McRorys have found about natural gas is a popular one with customers - the instant hot water, compared with the time it takes to heat up when using other commonly used fuels such as oil or solid fuel.
    “I have to say, the speed that the water heats up, is a real gamechanger. We can also adjust the temperature really easily, so it doesn’t have to be piping hot but it’s useful to have that option too.”

    Roisin and Pat McRory relaxing at home in Hollyfields, Dungannon.
    The McRorys are also delighted with the extra space that having natural gas installed has provided both inside and outside their home. “We had the oil tank taken away as we had no more use for it,” said Pat. “Once it was gone, it was remarkable to see how much space it actually took from our garden, so we’ll be making good use of that. And, with the oil boiler also gone inside the house, we now have another decent-sized bit of storage space that we didn’t have before.”
    Like many customers opting for a more reliable and energy efficient natural gas heating system, their old oil boiler was beginning to give them trouble. However, there were a few additional factors behind the Dungannon couple’s decision to switch to natural gas.
    Pat said: “We had seen a few vans and lorries about as the gas lines were being installed in our area. Next thing we knew our neighbours had signed up, and they gave a glowing recommendation for SGN Natural Gas and the whole installation process. So, we did a bit more research and attended an information session in Dungannon, where we heard about the £500 cashback scheme which was extremely enticing. We also met the Domestic Sales Representative Samantha – she was just brilliant from start to finish, and her help made the transition so much easier.”
    The McRorys were delighted the entire process from initial sign-up to installation was so straightforward. “The gas engineers had everything completely wrapped up within 48 hours of their arrival, with no mess of any sort left behind. We couldn’t have asked for better service throughout.”
    SGN Natural Gas information sessions are held weekly in local venues across the network area for consumers to speak directly with a member of our team.  
    For more information including details about financial incentives currently available to help with your natural gas installation, please complete the handy postcode checker survey here.