• 1-1 virtual appointments helping natural gas customers get connected

    25 Jan, 2021

    Our 1-1 virtual appointments have received a thumbs-up from customers who are finding them beneficial for helping to arrange their natural gas installations as soon as possible.
    Customers in the SGN Natural Gas network can schedule an online call with one of the domestic sales representatives assigned to their town, to discuss the installation process.
    Magherafelt resident Tony McGarrigle, recently converted from oil to natural gas heating after availing of a Zoom call to talk through the various steps involved in the process. He has encouraged other homeowners interested in switching to natural gas, to avail of a 1-1 appointment to get all the necessary information including connection offers available.
    Tony said: “I had always been curious about the benefits of natural gas since I first saw the gas pipes being laid in the area not far from my house. A few months passed and then I received an SGN Natural Gas flyer in the door which piqued my interest, and the advice on that was to arrange a 1-1 virtual appointment to find out more. I was happy with this as I was actually shielding at the time and wasn’t too keen to leave my home. It was really straightforward – after making the appointment I was face-to-face with Daniella (the domestic sales rep) in no time and she couldn’t have been more helpful.”
    “She answered all of my questions and reservations I had about natural gas and put me at ease. She described the connection process, how long it would take and guaranteed that COVID-19 safety guidelines would be followed by the workmen. The clincher for me was the £500 cashback offer, and within a few days Daniella came to the house to inspect the site and ensure work could go ahead. Within about three weeks the workmen came to install the system and they spent about six hours in total doing the work. I really couldn’t fault the service at all from start to finish.”
    The quick turnaround time from the virtual 1-1 appointment to having his home connected really impressed Tony, and despite only getting connected at Parkmore Road in November last, he is delighted with the results.
    He explained: “The big problem with oil is the length of time it takes to heat up water, heat up the radiators and just generally getting heat into the house. A big game changer for us is the instantaneous hot water – just turn the tap on and it’s piping hot. Also, the old oil tank was an eyesore in the back garden. That’s gone now and the garden is a lot neater and tidier. It took a few days after installation to get used to the new digital timer, but it’s a great and handy system when you get used to it.”
    Darren Young, Head of Business Development at SGN Natural Gas, is also delighted with the uptake for the 1-1 virtual appointment service which was introduced as part of the company’s response to keeping both staff and customers safe during COVID-19.
    He said: “Customers really appreciate the opportunity of having a friendly face-to-face appointment with one of our expert team for any queries they may have around converting to natural gas. Customers can also find out about the excellent connection incentives currently available to help with their installation process. The SGN Natural Gas roadshow is planning to visit the key towns in the network again when safe to do so in the months ahead, however customers will still have the opportunity to book a virtual 1-1 if they prefer.”
    To book your appointment simply complete the details requested on the following link: https://sgnnaturalgas.co.uk/make-a-booking 
    If you are unable to make a booking this may mean that you are not yet a connectable property. Please fill in the ‘Get in touch’ form and we will contact you when you can convert to natural gas.