In today’s modern world, energy is at the forefront of the lifestyles we lead. As natural gas is the most environmentally friendly of the commonly used heating fuels, it can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as improve the energy efficiency of your home. It offers amazing versatility, and can be used not only to heat your home, but also for instantaneous hot water, tumble drying, real flame fires and barbecues to name but a few.

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  • Is natural gas hassle free?

    Yes, it provides peace of mind as there is a continuous supply of natural gas to your home. So no more worrying about running out, or forgetting to reorder fuel and being left in the cold.

  • Will it save space externally?

    Your home will be connected directly to the gas mains, so you will no longer require bulky unappealingly storage tanks on your property. The precious space gained can be developed into something more useful, such as parking, or perhaps a barbecue and patio area for summer dining.

  • Can it save space internally?

    By fitting a natural gas combination boiler you can remove your cumbersome water storage cylinder and costly immersion heater. A natural gas combination boiler will heat your home as well as give you instantaneous hot water, meaning you will use less energy and save money.

  • Is natural gas safe and secure?

    With the removal of storage tanks onsite, you no longer need to worry about theft or security, as no one can steal natural gas. Natural gas also removes the worry of fuel spillage and ground contamination from faulty tanks, which can lead to huge upheaval and expense for the householder.

  • Is natural gas efficient?

    An old oil boiler may only have an efficiency of around 60%, depending on how well it has been serviced. A new ‘A’ rated condensing natural gas boiler has an efficiency of over 90%, meaning less of your money is disappearing up the flue.

  • Is natural gas instant?

    Gas cooking gives you instant heat from the moment you switch it on.  It also has superior controllability compared to electric, both of which leads to a greater cooking experience.

  • Is natural gas easier on the environment?

    We all have a duty to reduce our daily carbon footprint, and a switch to natural gas will significantly reduce your carbon emissions versus other fuels such as oil and coal.

  • Can you budget for your energy easier?

    You no longer need to worry about lump sum payments.  There are monthly or quarterly payment options, or the possibility to pay-as-you-go in your home with natural gas.

  • Is natural gas adaptable?

    Natural gas is not just for central heating. It can be used for cooking and many other applications including tumble drying, focal point fires, instantaneous water heaters and barbecues.

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