Omagh Keir/McNicholas 30 January 2019 30 March 2019 Traffic control various estates off Dublin Road,  Avenue junction of Belvedere park to junction of Ballynahatty Road.
Omagh Murphy GMC 11 February 2019 8 April 2019 Road closure on Tullyrush Road from A5 to Seskinore Road.
Omagh Keir/McNicholas 28 February 2019 22 March 2019 Traffic lights on the Bankmore Road from Crevenagh Road roundabout to junction of Doogary Road
Omagh Keir/McNicholas 4 March 2019 8 April 2019 Traffic lights on various estates off Circular Road from junction of Old Mountfield Road to junction of Glenside
Omagh Keir/McNicholas 11 March 2019 30 March 2019 Traffic control on Knocknamore Road from junction of Killclogher Road to junction of Knock Lochan

Have you spotted a problem at our roadworks?
If you come across our roadworks in the Omagh area and there appears to be a problem e.g. traffic lights are not working, barriers have fallen down, please contact
the responsible contractor as outlined above.  Contact numbers below:

Keir/McNicholas Careline 0845 200 0214 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate) or email careline@mcnicholas.co.uk.

Murphy GMC Careline 0845 643 2417 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate).