Brookeborough Murphy GMC 8 January 2018 End February 2019 Hard shoulder closure on A4 Belfast Road between Brookeborough and Fivemiletown from Brookebrough to Maguiresbridge.
Derrylin Murphy GMC 5 March 2018 End February 2019 Road closure in place Ballyconnell Road, from Derrylin to Teemore Road junction.
Enniskillen Murphy GMC 26 February 2018 End February 2019 Lane closure on A4 Belfast Road between Maguiresbridge and Enniskillen, from Lisbellaw to Enniskillen.
Maguiresbridge Murphy GMC 25 June 2018 End February 2019 Slip road closure on A4 Belfast Road, from Brookeborough Road to A4 Belfast Road.
Maguiresbridge Murphy GMC 14 January 2019 4 February 2019 Lane closure on A4 Belfast Road, from Gardiners Cross Road to Cool Lane Road.
Derrylin Murphy GMC 16 July 2018 End February 2019 Traffic control in place on Newbridge Road, from Trasna Island to Derrylin.
Derrylin Murphy GMC 4 August 2018 End March 2019 Traffic control on Gortahurk Road to Ballyconnell Road.
Enniskillen Kier/McNicholas 7 January 2019 25 January 2019 Traffic control on Darling Street to Halls Lane.
Enniskillen Keir/McNicholas 11 January 2019 14 January 2019 Lane closure on Ann Street, from Ann Street, across Castle Street junction past 90mm Tee at Queen Street into Darling Street junction.
Enniskillen Keir/McNicholas 7 January 2019 27 May 2019 Traffic control on Town Centre Street Realm.

Have you spotted a problem at our roadworks?
If you come across our roadworks in the Coalisland/Dungannon area and there appears to be a problem e.g. traffic lights are not working, barriers have fallen down, please contact the responsible contractor as outlined above.  Contact numbers below:

Keir/McNicholas Careline 0845 200 0214 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate) or email careline@mcnicholas.co.uk.

Murphy GMC Careline 0845 643 2417 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate).