If you plan to dig, or carry out building work to a property, site or public highway within our gas network, you must contact our Plant Protection team to let them know.

It is the responsibility of the property owner or company carrying out the work to make sure they’ve complied with the relevant legislation and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance, e.g. HS(G)47. In practice, this means that whoever does the work MUST obtain gas mains location information and/or maps showing the indicative position of the gas network before any work takes place.

Gas to the West is a major energy infrastructure project with plans to construct approximately 200km of pipeline linking the towns to the existing network. In addition to this approximately 500km of gas mains and services will be constructed within the towns. Damage to our network could lead to a fire, an explosion, or could cause loss of supply to the local community.

Plant location enquiries must be made via post or email, but you can phone us with general plant protection queries.  See our contact details below:

Plant Protection Team
95 Kilbirnie Street
G5 8JD

Phone 0800 912 1722

                               Email plantlocation@sgn.co.uk

Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm

For further information, please read the SGN Natural Gas Dig safely booklet below: