LOCATION RESPONSIBLE CONTRACTOR START DATE                                                                                                         ESTIMATED END DATE                                                                                 ROADWORKS
Coalisland Kier/McNicholas Start November 2018 Start December 2018 Traffic control with traffic lights on Gortganis Road, from Gortview Park junction this will end at Terramac Fabrication before the river crossing.
Coalisland Keir/McNicholas Start November 2018 End November 2018 Traffic control with traffic lights on Stewartstown Road, from Main Street junction to Washingbay junction.
Dungannon Keir/McNicholas 17 October 2018 9 January 2018 Traffic control on Various Estates off Old Eglish Road (Park Avenue, Innishkeen, Dunclare Way, Dunclare Heights, Dunclare Park, Mullaghanagh Road, Glenmont Park, Fairfield, Ardglena, Lower Park Lands & Park Lands), from the end of Washingford Row to the end of Old Eglish Road.
Dungannon Keir/McNicholas 5 November 2018 3 December 2018 Traffic control on Killyneill Road, from Killyman Road junction to 300m up to the Killyneill Road.
Dungannon Keir/McNicholas 15 November 2018 19 November 2018 Traffic lights on Granville Industrial Estate.
Dungannon Keir/McNicholas 7 November 2018 7 December 2018 Traffic control on Railway Park – council land.

Have you spotted a problem at our roadworks?
If you come across our roadworks in the Coalisland/Dungannon area and there appears to be a problem e.g. traffic lights are not working, barriers have fallen down, please contact the responsible contractor as outlined above.  Contact numbers below:

Keir/McNicholas Careline 0845 200 0214 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate) or email careline@mcnicholas.co.uk.

Murphy GMC Careline 0845 643 2417 available 24 hours a day (calls will be charged at the local rate).