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Dominic Scullion, SHE Manager, SGN Natural Gas (on right), pictured at Enniskillen Fire Station with NIFRS staff from left, Podge McKeon (District Commander), Jim McClintock, Paul Murphy, Seamus Bradley, Donal Carron, Paul Beaumont, John Magee and Noel Coop.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) has received an up-to-date overview of the construction phase of the SGN Natural Gas network.

Prior to the commissioning of the Intermediate Pressure (IP) pipeline, Dominic Scullion, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Manager with SGN Natural Gas, met with the NIFRS in Enniskillen and Dungannon in June to give an overview of the project. He also provided information on SGN Natural Gas emergency procedures.

Dominic explained: “Our aim was to discuss with NIFRS the risks associated with natural gas so we are better informed and equipped to deal with any scenarios which may arise in our network area, and also to work collaboratively as the network develops in the years ahead.”

“Some NIFRS personnel had operational experience working with natural gas while previously stationed in other areas of Northern Ireland. As a result of our direct engagement, they were able to share their experiences with myself and the rest of the team, which was very beneficial.”

NIFRS District Commander Podge McKeon and ASC Jim McClintock with Dominic Scullion, SHE Manager, SGN Natural Gas.

The presentation included an overview and discussion on the NI natural gas network; recognising physical gas features (meter boxes, kiosks above and underground, gas main marker posts); physical properties of natural gas; emergency incident types; and emergency response protocols.

SGN Natural Gas plan to follow up with further sessions for NIFRS support stations in the coming months.

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