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Significant new development work on the SGN Natural Gas network will begin this week at Granville Industrial Estate in Co. Tyrone which will enable some of the biggest companies in the area to reduce their energy costs by connecting to natural gas in the near future.

Kier will be carrying out the latest phase of ongoing work on the new energy infrastructure at Granville which is scheduled to last for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Commencement of the work on January 7th follows direct consultation by SGN Natural Gas with all of the companies located in one of the biggest industrial estates in the western area.

David Butler, Head of Engineering with SGN Natural Gas, said that a ‘stop and go’ traffic management system would remain in place for the duration of the work.

He explained: “Given the heavy flow of vehicles both entering and exiting Granville Industrial Estate on a daily basis, a manually operated stop-and-go system is considered the safest and most efficient option to ease the flow of traffic in the area.”

“We will continue to do all that we can to minimise disruption while significant ongoing work takes place to develop the SGN Natural Gas network which will enable businesses in the west, including the Mid Ulster area, to have access to natural gas as soon as possible.”

Meat supplier Dunbia, one of the biggest employers in the area, has welcomed the investment in new infrastructure which will enable companies to connect to the natural gas network in the near future.

Alan McKeown, Dunbia’s Corporate Services Director, said the anticipated reduction in energy costs will be a key factor in local businesses making the switch to natural gas as soon as the pipework is commissioned.

He continued: “This project represents a significant infrastructure upgrade for Granville Industrial Estate and will provide businesses with the opportunity to maximise cost efficiencies using natural gas which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, also helping larger businesses in particular, to reduce their carbon footprint.”

“As one of the largest local companies located at Granville, we are confident that the long term benefits of natural gas will outweigh the temporary inconvenience which may be experienced in the area while the new infrastructure is being installed.”

Details of roadworks and estimated timelines for completion are updated regularly on the ‘Help and advice’ section here.

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