• Coronavirus update (COVID-19)

    SGN Natural Gas is committed to protecting the safety of the public, and to safeguarding 
    each other and those who work with us. In accordance with the latest government guidance, 
    we have recommenced the installation of natural gas meters. This work involves external 
    construction only and will not require our contractors to enter homes.  
    If you smell gas, contact the 24hr NI Gas Emergency Service
    immediately on 0800 002 001.

    For any other queries please contact our Facebook page @SGNnaturalgas or the
    SGN Natural Gas customer service number 0800 975 7774.

    Our plans

    During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in order to ensure the wellbeing of everyone, it
    will be necessary to employ additional health and safety measures which will be followed
    to allow us to carry out our work.
    We will be adhering to Government and NHS advice on precautionary measures to reduce
    the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Strict emphasis will be placed on social distancing at
    least 2 metres from colleagues, customers, and the public. Signage explaining these
    measures will be clearly displayed onsite at all times. We will keep the disturbance to a
    minimum and when we have finished, the area will be properly reinstated.

    Protecting our customers and our colleagues

    If you need us in an emergency, we are still here for you. However, if we need to visit your
    home, we’ll ask you some extra questions:

    • Is there anyone in your property with a confirmed case of coronavirus?
    • Are you or anyone else in the property in self-isolation on medical advice or following contact with someone who has the virus
    We’ll still come out to you if you answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions. With this in mind,
    we’ll ask you to help us keep our colleagues safe by following these extra steps:

    • Asking everyone in the property to stay in a separate room from our engineer while they work – this should be a room without any gas appliances or the gas meter
    • Opening all the windows in the room where our engineer will be working
    Our engineers will wear protective equipment, including gloves and a mask, but please don’t be alarmed.

    We’re committed to keeping our key workers safe, as well as the families we visit, as we
    respond to gas emergencies. 

    We’ll continue to follow all Government and public health advice on precautionary measures to reduce
    the risk for our people and our customers, including providing colleagues with guidance on social
    distancing as well as additional personal protective equipment. We’ve also split key business-critical
    teams across multiple locations to make sure we protect the essential service they provide.

    Natural gas supplier contacts for business

    If you are a business and need to contact your natural gas supplier, please find the details below.
    Electric Ireland call: 0800 056 9914 or visit the website here.
    Firmus call: 0330 024 9000 or visit the website here.
    Flo Gas call: 028 9073 0277 or visit the website here.
    Go Power call: 028 8676 0600 or visit the website here.
    SSE Airtricity call: 0345 900 5253 or visit the website here.

    Topping up a prepayment meter

    In Northern Ireland, all prepayment gas meters require the prepayment card to be topped up at
    a PayPoint outlet. The credit is then subsequently transferred by inserting the prepayment card
    into the gas meter. If you have a prepayment gas meter and you are unable to top up your
    prepayment card due to a requirement to self-isolate, please find some helpful guidance below:
    • Take some time to create a list of trusted neighbours, friends and family who might be able to help with the top up of your card if required. A list of PayPoint outlets can be found on our PayPoint leaflet
    • If your gas meter is outside, ensure the people on your list will be able to access your meter box key if required.
    • If possible, add more credit to your meter than you usually would. The maximum single top-up amount is £49.
    • If you cannot get the help of a family member or friend, you can contact:
      • Your natural gas supplier;
      • Advice NI Covid 19 Community Helpline – Call 0808 802 0020 or text ACTION or email Covid19@adviceni.net – This service can provide access to community assistance. The helpline is open 9am to 5pm, 7 days per week;
      • NIEN helpline – 03457 764 3643 – you should select option 2, and then option 4 which brings you to the ‘Other’ calls option.

    Helpful information

    Please find links below to some helpful information on COVID-19.