• Benefits of natural gas

    Fuel is a necessity to keep our homes warm and comfortable. Natural gas can significantly improve your home experience and overall lifestyle.

    Natural gas offers amazing versatility and can be used not only to heat your home, but also for instantaneous hot water, tumble drying, real flame fires and barbecues to name but a few.

    You can now take control of your energy costs by opting for a prepay approach to top up your fuel. As natural gas comes from a safe and secure mains supply, you no longer need to worry about running out of fuel. You can enjoy hot water at the flick of a switch along with instant heat. By converting to natural gas, you can also get rid of your bulky oil tank and create an attractive shared outdoor space for the family.

    With the removal of storage tanks onsite, you no longer need to worry about theft or security, as no one can steal natural gas. Natural gas also removes the worry of fuel spillage and ground contamination from faulty tanks, which can lead to huge upheaval and expense for the householder.
    Gas cooking gives you instant heat from the moment you switch it on. It also has superior controllability compared to electric, both of which lead to a greater cooking experience.
    By fitting a natural gas combination boiler you can remove your cumbersome water storage cylinder and costly immersion heater. A natural gas combination boiler will heat your home as well as give you instantaneous hot water, meaning you will use less energy and save money.
    You no longer need to worry about lump sum payments.  There are monthly or quarterly payment options, or the possibility to pay-as-you-go in your home with natural gas.
    Natural gas is not just for central heating. It can be used for cooking and many other applications including tumble drying, focal point fires, instantaneous water heaters and barbecues.
    Your home will be connected directly to the gas mains, so you will no longer require bulky, unappealing storage tanks on your property. The precious space gained can be developed into something more useful, such as parking, or perhaps a barbecue and patio area for summer dining.